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   Great Golf Products, Golf Merchandise and NHL Golf Golf Gifts

  We provide great golf gifts including NHL Golf Gifts, golf merchandise, golf products  (examples include : The Golf Instructor, Animal Skins Golf Game, hat clips, ball markers,  the Brush T, magnetic bracelets,  Vegas Golf Game, epoch golf tee, senior golf tees, zero friction golf tees, Medicus 2000 Dual Hinge, Path Pro) training aids and quality custom made clubs!  We also offer a variety of golf club repair services which include rechroming irons, reshafting  irons and  woods. To view all our golf gifts,  which include golf merchandise and golf products, simply click on  the button on the left  of this page!  All prices on this site are in Canadian Dollars!  To see  what items   would cost in American or other currencies, click here!  
NHL Golf Gifts Golf Repairs The Golf Instructor Golf Tees Corporate Prizes

About Mulligans Golf.......

  Located in Lethbridge Alberta Canada,  we provide a variety of golf gifts, and golf products (including our famous hat clips, ball markers, the medicus 2000 and training book called the golf instructor) and golf club repair services to consumers in Canada,  the United States and various countries around the globe!  We offer.....  


   Corporate Golf merchandise & accessories

   Custom made golf clubs

   Club repair services

    Copper & Magnetic Bracelets
  Medicus 2000 Dual Hinge
  Animal Skins & Vegas Golf Game

  Hat clips and ball markers

The Golf Instructor, Training Booklet

The Golf Instructor

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 Phoning? Business hours to phone are 7:00 am to 8:00 pm Mountain Time Zone (Seven days a week!)   
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Lethbrdige Area - 331-9390
 Long Distance  Toll Free North America

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235 Mt. Sunburst Pl. W.
Lethbridge  Alberta
T1K 2S3



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Please note all prices on this site are in Canadian Dollars!
To see what it would cost in American or other currencies, click here!

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Place phone orders between 7:00 am to 8:00 pm Mountain Time - Seven days a week!

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